Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hotel Hartsfield

My travels through Atlanta were delayed twice this week. Sunday afternoon I was flying back to Mississippi from Hartford, Conn. We were hit with a 90-minute ground hold in Hartford because of weather. Once the plane touched down in Atlanta, we sat on a taxiway for an additional 90 minutes until a gate became available. My connecting flight to GTR was delayed until 11:30 p.m. (original scheduled for an 8:15 departure) and then ultimately cancelled.

I spent the night in Terminal E with thousands of other stranded passengers. It was neat to see what occurs in an airport overnight, but sleeping on the floor at Hotel Hartfield was not enjoyable!

The second delay of the week happened yesterday. We were slapped with an hour-long ground hold at GTR because of traffic in Atlanta. The flight from Atlanta to Orlando was delayed because the law had to perform a security sweep of the aircraft. (All incoming international flights are swept before new passengers board.)

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