Sunday, May 25, 2008

Finding Frames in Mississippi

I've been in Mississippi for two weeks now, but if you take away the seven days I was in Salt Lake with ALMS, I've only been in town for about 10 days. Last night I headed to the Columbus Speedway to check out dirt track racing. The place just screams photo story, but we'll see how things turn out over the next few months.

Sometime back I swore I wouldn't go to a race like this just to be a fan. Though I really enjoy my work, I spend enough time at the track as it is. But it was pretty neat - the crashes reminded me of an ASA race in Lakeland I once attended. I went to the "Baddest Bullring in the South" not really expecting to stay until 11 p.m. or to make a picture I liked. I did both.

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