Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hamilton County

I decided to work on another sports story this winter season. Unlike my story on Trevor Bunch, when I was given pretty much any time I needed over a two week period, this will be on and off coverage over the whole season. I'll try to work on it regularly, though.

Hamilton County High School is close to the Florida-Georgia line, about an hour up the interstate from Gainesville. They lost two starters from their playoff team last year and hope to make it to State.

I'm not quite sure where the story is going. I flip-flop between covering the returning starters and just covering the whole team. If one particular player stands out, I could follow him, but I'm trying to take a more team-centered approach this time around.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spot and Santa

Every Tuesday from now to Christmas, pets can sit with Santa at the Oaks Mall. Some might bark or try to wiggle. Others might stay still long enough for a picture.
A select few might actually tell Santa what they want for Christmas. Combine puppies, kids and Santa, and it's hard not to make a picture.

Happy Holidays.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

State Champs

Buchholz beat Durant 3-0 last night to win the school's first state championship in Volleyball. I had a good two days in Lakeland and enjoyed covering the tournament.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Did It Work?

I decided to put my new remote gear to the test today at the FHSAA Volleyball Tournament. At first, I had a wide angle up in the catwalk. But then I changed my mind and switched to a 70-200mm lens. It paid off.In the 30 minutes leading up to the Buchholz-Miami Killian game, I fretted over the focus, alignment and firing of the camera. I was having problems with the camera going to sleep on me. Luckily I noticed the issue before the game, while I was still in the catwalk.

Throughout the game, as Buchholz basically cruised to a birth in the final, I wondered if the remote was firing. The game ended, I came to the press room and started ingesting the card in my camera, and then I ran up to the catwalk.
Success. It worked. Remotes can be such a crap shoot, but this time I got lucky. Hopefully I'll get lucky again.

Oh, and I have to thank Kristen for leaving her personal gear in Gainesville. She doesn't know I used her equipment, but it paid off. Thanks, dear!

FHSAA State Volleyball

I came down from rigging a remote camera in the catwalk at The Lakeland Center and saw this shot. I had to run back to the media room to grab my telephoto, though. Oak Hall lost a semifinal game to Evangelical Christian earlier today, and Buchholz plays tonight. If Buchholz wins, I'll stay in Lakeland to cover their final tomorrow night.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Phone: Dead

My phone died yesterday on the way home from a weekend climbing trip to North Carolina. It's such a weird feeling not to have a working telephone. Hopefully the warranty replacement will arrive tomorrow.

This afternoon I shot a portrait of Oak Hall School's Ronnee Fleming and Katie Robinson. They're leading the volleyball team to the state tournament this weekend.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Homecoming at Florida

After losing three of the last five games, and having not played in The Swamp for over a month, Florida was ready to come home.

As I waited for the opening kickoff, I looked to my left and Tim Tebow was kneeling right next to me, preparing for the game. I grabbed my wide angle, took a few shots, and Tebow stood up and walked away.
It was a good homecoming game. Tebow set the SEC record for number of rushing touchdowns in a season by a quarterback. Percy Harvin had 100 yards rushing and receiving. Mike Pouncey switched from offense to defense and instantly made an impact.
I shot the third quarter from up in the stands and made a few frames I like. I've only got one more game to cover (I'll be in Starkville with Kristen for Thanksgiving), and then it's on to hoops full-time.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Basketball is finally here!

Florida's basketball teams opened the 2007-08 season with a pair of exhibition games. The women's team, under new coach Amanda Butler, scored more than 100. That hasn't happened in a long time.
The men's team, which lost its top six players, beat Flagler College, 97-51. I'm glad hoops season is finally here. Remotes begin next week!