Friday, February 29, 2008

State Final Blues

P.K. Yonge lost in the state final for the second consecutive year. Tricia Coyne (shooting video) and I got to Lakeland extra early so that I could hang a remote on the hoop.
I think my pictures are solid, but I wish they were better. Since hoops season is over, it's time for baseball, spring football and a little bit of track and field. After several months of working in gyms, I'm ready to be outdoors!


Tom McCarthy Jr. said...

I don't have much (read as any) experience with remotes, but I noticed that you hung this one below the back board as opposed to above the rim shooting through the glass or something (as I've recently seen done around here). Any reason (other than the fact that high schoolers don't really get much higher than lay up height)?

Jarrett Baker said...

Did it for ease of setup and likeliness of getting something that worked.